Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Coming Home

In one way my 15 days in Thailand sped by, but in another way I did and saw so much that, it felt like I'd been away much longer.

Everything that happened before I went away, didn't disappear from my mind during that time, but the physical distance gave me a chance to try and make sense of it all. My new answer is that there are no answers, at least no definitive ones. Instead I am choosing to take inspiration from the lives of all the people I've loved and lost.

Being my usual anal self I was up early on my last day, so early it was still dark out! The view from my hotel window really was pretty spectacular.

I did the last of my packing. I really have been restrained this trip in my purchases, I got everything in the case and closed it without breaking sweat! My last breakfast was as yummy as ever, even the toaster worked.

I was very, very early, my flight wasn't till midday, but as I've said many times I'd rather be too early than too late. I checked out and got a cab to the airport, assuming I'd at least be able to check in and potter about in the Departure lounge.

Sadly this wasn't the case. I was there about 8.30 and the flight wasn't even on the board! Bit scary. I found the Eva Air desk and that was completely shut down. It did cross my mind that they might have gone bust while I was away, but this didn't really concern me. I was already planning buggering off to Koh Samui or somewhere instead! Eventually I found someone in the uniform and showed them my flight confirmation, they said come back at 10 am for check in. Oh well, I had this fella to keep me company.

I pottered about, using the internet cafe and having a coffee, and watching people who were booked on an earlier flight to Heathrow rush and scramble to check in. With Eva Air its a bit mad to get excited cos you select your seat when you book, so you're not gonna get anything better now.

Finally, about 9.50 the queue for that flight disappeared and I went up to see if I could get through to raid the Duty Free, only to be told that the flight everyone was checking into was actually my flight! They'd brought it forward and not bothered to contact me! Its a good job I'm always early eh?

Once I was on the other side - with no time to mash the plastic (Bangkok Duty Free's loss) I asked at the gate why I hadn't been contacted. I was told it was cos there were no contact details for me. She then printed off my file which showed my land and mobile numbers, and home and email addresses! I guess they were trying to contact me psychically!

Oh well, as I say the seat was pre-booked so I still got my aisle seat, and quickly settled in for the almost 12 hour flight home. Why are the return legs so much longer? I bunged a movie on and ended up watching Robert De Niro's 'Everybody's Fine" about a Dad trying to re-connect with his kids. That was all it took, I was a sobbing wreck! Felt kinda good to get it out.

After dinner/breakfast/lunch - not sure what the meal was - I popped my Nytol and nodded off. Bliss. Seven hours of sleep, that's a result on a long flight like that.

We landed early at Heathrow, well really early for me cos I was expecting to be on a later flight! And I learned one of the true benefits of being practically the last person to check into a flight, your case comes out first! What a touch! I had chance to grab and AMT latte and was soon speeding back to London.

I came home to a mountain of mail, mostly about my Dad of course. The break served me well in all kinds of ways, I've got a much clearer idea of where I'm going in the future - in as much as I can control the future - the past is long gone and the present is pretty damn good!

What more can you wish for?



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