Sunday, April 04, 2010

Dahn The Market

Saturday saw me rise early. It was time to go to Chatuchak Market. This is a market the size of a small town at Chit Lom, the end of the Sky Train.

I went last time I was here and I recall the claustrophobic feeling I had as I got lost in the labyrinthine space, the humidity threatening to stop me from breathing at all. But I was a big old fucker then, and I ain't now, so back I went!

Last time I think I lasted about 30 minutes. This time three and a half hours baby! I got a gorgeous jersey dress, saw the cutest, fluffiest puppies, drank a delicious watermelon shake, and browsed just about every single stall.

It was fantastic to be able to spend so long wandering about, tho the heat got to me in the end. I was mightily relieved to board the sky train back to Siam Square. That air-con is a gift!

I sent a couple of emails and jumped a cab back to the hotel. I actually found a cab that was willing to put his meter on! Now I see why they don't wanna do it, my fare was a third of what I'd been getting charged!

I had time to freshen up before heading out again to PatPong night market. The lovely Chanel bag I'd bought at the start of my trip had broken and as I'd got it in a shop and not from a stall I decided to see if I could change it. I went back to my friend at the Mook Shop - I always remember the name cos of Mean Streets - and sure enough, she exchanged it no questions asked! Bless her! A bit of dinner then it was back to the hotel for an early night. Big day tomorrow!



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