Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Where Have I Been???

Simple answer. In hospital.

Regular readers will know that I had a "simple" hernia repair two weeks ago. The operation was simple enough, the recovery less so. I was told on discharge that I was to leave the dressing on till it 'dropped off'. Well it didn't.

Six days after the op, as I was in a cab back from Waterloo Station, I noticed a vile stench emitting from my belly button. It was embarrassing! When I got in, I peeled the dressing off and was met by an awful sight. I won't go into detail cos it was really gruesome. I cleaned it up as best I could and put a clean dressing on.

Saw the doctor, and was dosed up on anti-biotics for the best part of a week, but they weren't working. Last Sunday I went to see Dr Blum for the botox top up, but he took one look at me and refused to treat me! I told him what had been going on and he checked the wound. He told me to get straight to the hospital and demand a blood test to make sure the infection hadn't spread to my bloodstream.

Stunned, I did as I was told. I arrived at 1pm and by 6pm was tucked up in a bed in a holding bay, waiting for a 'proper' bed. At 7pm I had one and was being dosed up with IV anti-biotics.

I had nothing with me, as I really wasn't expecting this, but in the past I would have been freaking out and demanding that I be allowed to go home and pack a bag, but not the new me. I don't let the little things get me worked up anymore. They gave me a toothbrush and paste, and handed me a fabulous gown!

In my three day stay I've been poked and prodded, but shown incredible kindness and patience by all the doctors and nurses and aides and even the cleaners who always had a smile for me.

I do have a teeny confession tho. By Monday my iPhone was running low, and my charger was at home. I mumbled something to the nurse about nipping out for a paper and I was off! Like a hospital ninja! I jumped into a cab, came home got changed into more suitable hospital clothing, grabbed a comb, moisturiser, my journal and my charger then got a bus back to St Marys. They didn't even notice that I was dressed completely differently!

Yesterday they cleaned and packed the wound in a similar way to the work done on my breast last year, so that it heals slowly from the inside up, and this morning I was told I could go home. I have a ton of horse pills to take, and need to see the nurse every day to get the "wick" changed, but I have avoided septicemia (sp) and am on the road to recovery! Thank you Dr Blum!


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