Monday, February 23, 2009


So this morning I went to get my second-ever dose of Botox. The first lot, back in October 2008 was done in Kuala Lumpur by the lovely Dr Jalil. I prayed it would hurt so that I wouldn't get it done again, sadly it didn't, so I found myself back at Mr Stanek's gaff this morning, placing myself in the hands of the lovely Francis. I've also had Restylane fillers in the creases that go from the sides of your nose down to your mouth. This was surprisingly cheaper than I anticipated, and thanks to the cream they put on half an hour beforehand, not painful either! Looks like this ain't gonna be a one-off.

When I think back to my first trip to see Mr Stanek, I was all about being 'natural', not wanting to look unnaturally young, now I'd happily go for the Joan Rivers wind tunnel look! Mad innit?

The gigs recently have been fun. This past weekend I was up in Sheffield, doing Toby Foster's lovely Last Laugh gigs. I did a set on Thursday, and MC'd on Friday and Saturday. It was my first time compering up there and a bit daunting cos its Toby's club and I suspect a good many of the audience come along to see him perform. I needn't have worried, they were lovely - especially Friday night's crowd - and I had just the best fun. The bill was a cracker too - my old pal Smug Roberts who I've not worked with in years and who was brilliant, along with two guys who were new to me Lloyd Langford and Kevin Dewsbury both of whom were fantastic!

The weekend before I was back "home" at the Glee Club in Birmingham and had the added treat of being able to hang out with the divine Jason Wood who was doing Jongleurs in Brum and staying in the same hotel. It was fab!


Monday, February 09, 2009

Busier and Busier

Doing what I have no idea!

Life's been pretty mad recently, lots of running about and not achieving very much. I was gigging in Cardiff a couple of weeks ago at the Glee Club and all three nights were fantastic. The line-up was great - lovely Kevin Bridges, lovely John Wharburton and lovely Justin Moorhouse who I haven't worked with for years!

I even did a bit of telly for ITV Wales about how the credit crunch was affecting comedy, thank god so far it isn't! All the gigs I've done recently have been sell outs! Yayyyy for not having to get a proper job just yet.

Last week in amongst the snow and blizzards I celebrated my two year anniversary, well my new stomach's two year anniversary. I celebrated not by eating cake but by stepping up my training regime - just cos I can! This is the longest I have ever lost weight and kept it off, and I'll admit it's not as simple as just getting the op and then eating what I like but less of it, it's bloody hard work. But my God it's worth it!

Last weekend I was at Reading Jongleurs and it made a pleasant change to be able to come home every night. We had an ever-changing bill due to the snow but it gave me chance to catch up with old friends like Jason Wood and Adam Bloom both of whom were as fabulous as ever!