Saturday, June 20, 2009

What Else...

... have I been doing recently?

I'm struggling to remember to be honest!

The boob saga is drawing to a close as the wound is all but healed now which is a massive relief. I must say a huge thanks again to Mr Jan Stanek and his brilliant nurse Steph for treating me. The problem was nothing to do with the work he'd done on me last year, but he fixed it free of charge as the NHS fobbed me off with some bullshit lines.

The massive upside is a pair of the perkiest titties ever seen on a 48 year old woman! I don't even need to wear a bra! Fabulous!

I went to see a whole bunch of my comedy chums in the new Ken Loach movie Looking For Eric. I'm not really a football fan, but it didn't matter. Its a fantastic story, really funny and really gritty. Cantona was terrific, and best of all, none of my mates were crap in it! So well done to Smug Roberts, Justin Moorhouse, MIck Ferry and Greg Cook.

I've really gotten into the gym as well as my yoga classes, and most days do at least a workout or a class. It's paying off in all kinds of ways. Physically obviously, but also mentally and there's nothing like aching limbs to focus your mind away from anything that isn't right in your life! I've even started running on the treadmill now!

I know its probably a bit tedious for everyone else, but I really can't stress enough how fantastic it is to be fit, the novelty of not being hugely overweight and sweating just putting my shoes on, has yet to wear off!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Its Been A Long Time ....

Since I blogged and while life has been a bit hectic that's not the reason.

A couple of weeks ago we had the European Elections, and like most folks I went to cast my vote. I was horrified to see the BNP right at the top of the list of candidates. Like a lot of people, I too am pissed off with the Labour Party, Gordon Brown, and the whole expenses scandal concerning MP's across all parties. Something inside me wouldn't let me put my cross by the Labour candidate's name for the first time since I was 18. So, as a protest, I voted for Arthur Scargill's "real proper left wing socialist Labour party" or whatever they're called. I wouldn't say I was a socialist even with a small "s" but I saw Mr Scargill give a speach once at County Hall and he was awesome, so he got my vote. Quite a few of my pals voted Green for similar reasons. That's what a protest vote is.

A protest vote is not being pissed off with Labour and voting for the BNP. When the results came in and that abhorrent creature Nick Griffin was elected as a member for the North West, along with his fellow thug Brons in Yorkshire, I actually did feel a little bit of sick in the back of my throat. What made me more ill, was the media saying 'Oh people voted for them as a protest against Gordon Brown'. You don't become a nazi cos of the recession, you don't vote for a party who believes that anyone who isn't white and British born has no right to live in this country, you just don't!

People voted for the BNP because they are racist, because their own small lives are easier to bear if they can blame "them" for the fact that they are redundant as a human being. The "them" they hate can be anyone from a homosexual, an Afro-Carribean woman, a Polish plumber, a Muslim or a Jew. It really doesn't matter, these people choose to hate rather than do something to change their own situation.

Anyone who knows me or has seen my act, will know that I am a billion miles away from Mark Thomas when it comes to political comedy, but racism is the one thing I've never got. It just seems such a stupid thing to hate someone cos they are different. We are all bloody different!

At 16 I was on the Rock Against Racism march to Victoria Park, along with a gazillion other punks, politicos and ordinary people. In South Africa I got shit for standing up to a PR guy who set us all up on a lunch with a "nazi" politician.

I've had bleach squirted under my front door and was even attacked by youths where I used to live - because I have black friends. I even got hate mail from Combat 18 when I was writing about telly for the Standard cos they thought JoJo was the name of a black man! FFS!!!! I was surprised those morons could actually write a letter I have to say!

Anyway, that's why I haven't blogged cos I didn't wanna just say 'anyone who voted for the BNP is a thick racist cunt' . I mean they are, but I wanted to be calmer before I spoke my mind.

My wish is that one day we all wake up and realise that we are on this planet together, we need to work as a team, not English against Scots, black against white, gay vs straight, Jew vs Muslim. We are all in it together, so lets stop fucking about and start caring for each other!