Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Catching Up On Culture!

So what with the swine flu and life in general, my outside interests had taken a bit of backseat. In the last few weeks tho I have been making up for lost time.

I headed off to the Serpentine Gallery to see their summer exhibition. This time it's Jeff Koons' Popeye Series, and as always with his work it blew me away! The sculptures that look like giant seaside inflatables are actually made aluminum and really dare you to touch them, just to be sure. I guess that's why there's so many staff wandering about!

The paintings are pop art at its best and I seriously wanted to bring them all home with me. If only those EuroMillions numbers would come up!

I was there before the Pavillion was unveiled but judging by the photos, that looks pretty awesome too. From above it looks like a river of mercury flowing around the park and was designed by the same Japanese architects that did the gorgeous New York New Museum. See em both!

I've also been going to the cinema a fair bit for both high and lowbrow films. I saw Bruno which made me gasp, squeal and cackle with glee at Sasha Baron Cohen's balls of steel, I also saw The Hangover which was great fun too. One that didn't make me laugh quite so much (apart from at the godawful dialogue) was AntiChrist. Lars von Trier's latest piece of "art". I'm glad I saw it but it really was dreadful. Like watching a really slow motion car crash, you should turn away but you can't!

Today I saw Audrey Tatou's new one Coco Avant Chanel. I can't recommend this one highly enough. Its less a chick flick, more a woman's movie. Ms Tatou perfectly captures Mlle Chanel, the clothes are exquisite and the whole movie just looks beautiful. After seeing it, I am not sure I can ever wear Primark again!